So this , is it my last and final blog. I must say at times they seemed an annoyance but all in all I generally liked the blogs we would have to write up . I liked the fact we got to express our own ideas and opinions on the topics discussed each week in the lectures. As a module it really gave us a break from the humdrum normality of other quiet frankly boring lectures I did like this module also for the broad range of fields it explored over the last 12 weeks and I feel personally like I have learnt a lot and in some ways feel less ignorant to things and issues worldwide where as before I was somewhat in the dark.

This week we were asked to basically sum up or ask ourselves what we have learned in Sustainable Development throughout this semester and I can truthfully say a lot.  On certain subjects such as ‘climate change’ and environmental damages, I felt like I knew a lot about the topics but my horizons were really broadened as we had a more in depth look and learnt lots of interesting facts.To be honest it really makes you look at yourself and makes you ask your self how much do I contribute to these problems and frankly do you want to do something about it.

In my opinion possibly the most interesting experience of this module was the visit to Cloughjordan in north Tipperary. It was fascinating to see the Sustainable community in function first hand instead of reading about it off slides. We got to have an insight into how these people live with their main priority the environment and it’s well being. We got a tour of the village and a quick overview of the development. I particularly liked the solar panel field and the round houses made from what was essentially wattle and daub , similar to houses were built centuries ago. I learned a lot this day and got a real belief that the community will be a success and that not only a sustainable community but a sustainable economy is possible and achievable some time in the future with hard work and persistence.

One topic and issue which I learned a lot about as knew very little about before is that of oil. Although I was aware that oil levels were dropping , truthfully I knew very little of the real situation we are in. For these reasons I decieded to base my essay on this topic as it was a field and sector I wanted to learn more about and I really did.

Coming into Sustainable Development I had a simple idea of what to expect. Although such subjects as oil , climate change , environmental issues were all interesting and very informative ,it was other sectors which I simply knew nothing or basically had never heard of  , such as CSR , Sustainability indicators , wicked problems , public policy process , moral obligations etc… that grabbed my intention. Even that of a simple product life-cycle and the amount of energy and resources used for all products even as simple as a toothbrush.

Overall I have enjoyed this module , found it very interesting and worthwile , especially as the topics discussed are so important to our lives our at least will be. It almost makes you feel like something should be done and the first place to start looking , is looking at yourself.